Home Technology Microsoft, what have you suffered from Windows 11 errors!

Microsoft, what have you suffered from Windows 11 errors!

Microsoft, what have you suffered from Windows 11 errors!

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 and an encryption error in older versions of Windows Server 2022 caused some data corruption on systems running Intel’s Ice Lake, Tiger Lake, and Rocket Lake CPUs. The company had fixed the issue a few months ago with a patch that fixed the performance issues.

software giant Microsoft, There is a serious issue in Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 that causes data damage on devices with processors that support the Vector Enhanced Encryption Standard (VAES) instruction set. he accepted.

Microsoft admits Windows 11 bugs

including Ice Lake, Tiger Lake, Rocket Lake, and AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 newer CPU models It supports VAES commands. Microsoft has addressed the issue to SymCrypt (which takes advantage of the VAES directives).Windows’ core encryption function library) claimed to be due to new code paths being added. Specifically, affected devices use fine-tuned codebook mode based on AES XEX with ciphertext playback (AES-XTS) or AES in cases such as Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) (AES-GCM).

Microsoft, what have you suffered from Windows 11 errors!

The company first tried to resolve data corruption in the May 24 preview release and the June 14 security updates. However, these patches introduced a major performance issue for AES-based operations and some Windows functions take twice as long had been reported. In Microsoft’s testing, Bitlocker and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols slowdowns occurred, which also affected disk efficiency, especially for corporate customers.

Fortunately, Microsoft is solving these performance problems with its newly released updates. Users can use new patches (KB5015814) You can get them automatically via Windows Update or directly From Microsoft’s Update Catalog they can download.

Windows 11 also had another issue recently that caused SSD performance to drop. With Microsoft’s first patch this issue is for some devices fixed. However, the company’s disk performance is normal for everyone. back It took several months to release this update patch that brought

Some Windows 11 PCs are also enabled by default It comes with Virtualization Based Security (VBS), which causes major performance issues in some situations, especially gaming.


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