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Alarm sound! Morning suddenly fell on his head, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to get up, but how? A warm bed is not going to let you go at all, your eyes still do not want to open, and your head is still occupied with sweet memories of a sandy beach from a dream …

Most people will lazily kick back the covers, slowly sit on the edge of the bed, and on the second or third try, they will finally get their feet into the slippers. The whole body is still sleeping, but in this state you need to manage to enjoy a tasteless breakfast, then push around in public transport for a long time, getting to work … And work – you have to work on it! As you imagine all this, it becomes already bad.

Away with excuses!

And what prevents you from providing yourself with high spirits and a good physical tone of the body in the morning? You just need to devote a few minutes to morning physical exercises. With these words, many automatically begin to come up with various excuses, they say, in the morning there is no strength for anything, and there is not enough time, and in general I heard somewhere that this is very harmful. Let’s break it all down together.

“In the morning state broken and sentiments not at all”

So after all, morning exercises are designed to supply the body with energy and cheer up before an eventful day. Physical exercise speeds up blood flow, allowing muscles, ligaments and tendons to receive an increased dose of nutrients, which has a beneficial effect on their tone. One has only to start moving, as the forces will immediately appear.

“Not enough time to recharge”

And is it enough for aimless wallowing on the couch, wandering in circles around the apartment, watching TV shows? And 5-7 minutes for morning exercises can not be found? In the overwhelming majority of cases, banal laziness is hidden under assurances about the lack of time. And if a person dares to admit this at least to himself, then we can assume that he has already done half the work. Of course, there are times when people are really busy from early morning until late at night with work, household chores and other things, but this happens extremely, EXTREMELY rarely.

“Morning exercise is bad for your health”

This issue should be considered in more detail. Any stress on the body can have both positive and negative effects. It all depends on the correctness of its application. The fact is that the nervous and circulatory systems (including the heart) cannot accelerate sharply without harm to health. They need a preliminary phase that will prepare them for the work ahead. If this condition is met, the training is easy and after it there is an additional surge of strength. And if a person immediately jumps on the treadmill after sleep, then it is very difficult for the body to cope with such overloads, so the heart weakens over time, the nervous system begins to become lazy … And then such a person sits down and writes an article on the topic of the harmfulness of morning exercises. Like, he tried it himself and he knows …

Where to start morning exercises?

So how to carry out morning exercises in order to derive only benefit from it? We offer you a fairly simple and understandable approach to classes in the morning.

First, let your body wake up. Slowly get up, wash yourself. Feel ready to take on the challenge. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes after waking up.

Secondly, always start exercising with a light warm-up of the muscles and joints. Your task is to fill the muscles with blood. This will increase their tone and protect them from stretching.

Thirdly, think about what exactly you want to get from your morning exercises. There are not many options here. Typically, exercise is either a way to wake up (then it can generally be limited to just a warm-up) or a path to high muscle tone (then, after a warm-up, stretching exercises, light running and possibly strength exercises with your own weight should be added). Based on the above, the general scheme of your morning should look something like this:

Woke up.

FEEL awake.

Warm up – 2-3 minutes.

Basic exercises – from 3 minutes.

Warm-up exercise options

Basically, these are rotational movements in all more or less large joints of the body. They are usually performed in the following sequence (but this is not at all a prerequisite):

Turning the head from side to side, nodding up and down, rotational movements of the head.

Rotational movements of the hands clockwise and counterclockwise.

Rotational movements in the elbow joints.

Warm-up of the shoulder joints. Raising the arms through the sides up, “scissors” with the hands in front of the chest, rotational movements.

Tilt the body forward and to the side. Rotation of the pelvis alternately in both directions.

Swing your legs back and forth and to the side.

Flexion-extension at the knee joint.

Sitting with outstretched legs, rotation in the ankle alternately in both directions.

Exercise options for the main part

Stretching and gymnastics:

Leaning forward, standing on straight legs. Try to touch the floor with your palms, and ideally touch your knees with your chest.

Sitting on the floor, bending over to touch your knees with your chest. Hand help is available.

Lying on your back, touch the toes of your straight legs to the floor behind your head.

“Bridge”. Ordinary gymnastic bridge.

Standing, spread your legs very wide. Sit on one leg, the other is straightened. Roll from foot to foot, while always trying to stay as low as possible in the squat.

Lying on your stomach, bend your knees, raise your upper body and grab your ankles with your hands. This position is sometimes called “Boat”. Rock like this for a few seconds.

Lying on your back, bend your knees. Without lifting your shoulder blades from the floor, touch your knees to the floor on one side, then on the other.

Create your own exercises

You can create your own exercises. Just choose comfortable movements for yourself and perform them in the mode from 3 to 8-10 repetitions. Do not forget that the purpose of charging is to increase the tone of the body and cheer up. This means that the most favorite exercises will bring much more benefits than those that you consider uncomfortable.

By the way, the Chinese have always been considered the most fanatical lovers of charging. They even have special rooms in their houses, in which the whole family, including the elderly and children, gathers from early morning, even before breakfast, to do morning exercises together. In the suburbs of China, in almost every park at certain hours (which often coincide with sunrise and sunset), you can see groups of 3-15 people doing various types of general developmental gymnastics or martial arts.

Particular attention should be paid to morning exercises for people, especially men, for whom it is the only workout for the whole day. But a man should always be physically fit and strong. For these purposes, you will have to slightly push the standard edges of charging and supplement them with strength exercises with your own body weight. In fact, you need to perform only 3-4 of the most effective movements.

Squats. The front surfaces of the legs (quadriceps) are dynamically involved, and the back surfaces (hamstrings) are statically. Also, the buttocks, calves, extensor muscles of the spine and a bunch of small muscles are included in the work.

Pushups. Load all the pushing muscles of the upper body. Chest, triceps, partially deltoids.

Vertical push-ups. Execution: stand on your hands next to the wall, lift the body vertically up and touch the wall with your feet to maintain balance. Bending your elbows, lower yourself until your head lightly touches the floor, then explosively push yourself up. This exercise successfully compensates for the lack of load on the middle beams of the deltas with ordinary push-ups from the floor.

Pull-ups on the crossbar. Ideal for developing upper body pulling muscles.

These exercises can be combined into a small complex and performed immediately after the warm-up as the main part of the morning exercises.

Summing up

In any exercise there is a mandatory part – a warm-up (2-3 minutes). It is designed to activate all vital processes and prepare the body for the main load. If you are pursuing the goal of simply waking up, then you can charge and finish on this. If you want something more, then after the warm-up you have to do the main part, which should consist of stretching movements or simple strength exercises (from 3 minutes or more)

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