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Named the best ways to avoid a hangover – micetimes.asia

Named the best ways to avoid a hangover – micetimes.asia

A noisy party brings a lot of positive emotions. But the next morning they can be replaced by a headache, nausea, dehydration and other unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. Experts tell you how to prevent such a condition.

Foods rich in iodine will protect the body from severe intoxication and reduce hangovers. eat squid, shrimp, mussels or seaweed stands a couple of days before the feast, then there will be an effect.

Gastroenterologists remind that Do not drink on an empty stomach: alcohol will corrode the walls of the stomach and enter the bloodstream directly from there. A person gets drunk faster, and in the morning feels a strong hangover. To avoid this, it is worth eating fatty foodsand only then drink alcohol. It will cover the walls of the stomach and will not allow alcohol to corrode them.

It has the same effect milk. You can drink a glass right before the feast to slow down the absorption of alcohol. Nutritionists even recommend drinking milk with such strong alcohol as whiskey.

But still when drinking alcohol poisoning is inevitable. So that the fun does not end with vomiting, you can pre-take an absorbent, such as activated charcoal.

Even a person with good health will face a headache the next morning if he smokes during a feast. Smoking is bad for blood vessels, and there is not enough oxygen in the blood.

Alcohol causes dehydration. To help the body cope with it, during a party you need drink more pure water. But sweet carbonated drinks, on the contrary, accelerate the absorption of alcohol. A coma of mineral water and milk can be washed down with fortified drinks with natural cranberry juice.

Also salty mineral water and fruit drink should be consumed in the morningif the hangover still came. Experts advise drinking them in small sips throughout the next day.

What secrets do you have for dealing with a hangover syndrome? Share in the comments!


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