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Named the main danger of palm oil

Named the main danger of palm oil

Not everything that a person eats is good for him. However, every year the variety of harmful and useless food only increases. Scientists regularly conduct studies to prove the harm from certain foods.

Representatives of the scientific society from Germany believe that palm oil provokes an increase in blood sugar and contributes to the occurrence of liver disease.

To obtain information, an experiment was conducted with the participation of fourteen volunteers from 20 to 40 years old. It turned out that the body itself tolerates palm oil is not so bad. But the insidiousness of the oil lies in the fact that it can accumulate in the body and not be excreted.

Insoluble substances settle deeply in the body and have a negative effect on the liver, provoking the development of cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver steatosis.

Another dangerous component of palm oil is palmitic acid. She’s prone keep bad cholesterol in the body. When the amount of such cholesterol increases, the likelihood of the onset of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Also, palm oil can cause diabetes and high blood sugar.

In addition, this oil inhibits the hormone leptin, which regulates the feeling of satiety. Therefore, people using this product may experience excess weight.

In 2005, palm oil was recognized by the WHO as hazardous to human health. Therefore, experts recommend eliminating it from the diet.

It is advisable to replace palm oil with more healthy oils, for example, olive. It is pleasant in taste, easy on the stomach and has a beneficial effect on the body, saturating it with useful elements.


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