Home Technology NASA is sending an iPad into space!

NASA is sending an iPad into space!

NASA is sending an iPad into space!

aiming to set foot on the moon NASA Despite all the setbacks, it is quite stable. It will represent the first major test for humanity’s return to the Moon. Artemis 1 The countdown to duty has begun. The spacecraft, which will be sent unmanned this time, faces a new surprise in the launch system.

Will send an iPad to the moon

In the coming months, NASA is fulfilling its goal, which has not been realized since the end of the Apollo program in 1970. While waiting for this huge project to happen, the space agency will perform the first test phase. Since it is the first stage, there will be no people inside the rocket in this test.

will be faster

NASA, iPadHe plans to send the scorpion to the Moon for testing. The reason why NASA included the iPad in its launch system is Amazon Alexa This is due to the fact that testing of the voice assistant is being carried out inside the Orion spacecraft. Thus, it is claimed that voice commands will transmit information about the spacecraft faster.

Will prefer Alexa

This system, created by this collaboration between Lockheed Martin and NASA, ‘Callisto‘ is located as. In this way, there will be a customized hardware and tablet in the middle of the Orion console. In addition, the WebEx video conferencing service will also prefer Alexa to broadcast video and audio from the control center.


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