Home Gaming Niantic offers an unusual response to this Pokémon GO error

Niantic offers an unusual response to this Pokémon GO error

Niantic offers an unusual response to this Pokémon GO error

A bug in Pokémon GO it’s something the community has learned to live with over time.

Niantic has tried to improve its ways of dealing with errors. Not only did he implement better communication, but he also compensated players for recent inconveniences. On the other hand, the app has presented many bugs lately, such as the gems of the Dark Raids and the Immortal Raids.

But gamers aren’t just complaining about the bugs themselves, which really could appear in any game. The real downside for the community is the way Niantic handles bugs, which sometimes doesn’t seem to fix anything.

Niantic instructs a player to use the support of Pokémon GO to login

Many players have come across all kinds of mistakes Pokémon GO, including one that prevents them from signing in to the app. This is frustrating for those who only have a few hours of gameplay a day and want to take advantage of it by completing investigations, Raids, or simply catching Pokémon.

But perhaps most problematic is when Niantic doesn’t offer a proper solution, as demonstrated by a player via a recent Reddit post. In this, the user shared a screenshot of an error that, like many, prevented him from logging into the game.

As the player explains, this unfortunate error occurs because Google continues to categorize Pokémon GO as an insecure app, which generates an authorization error.

But what was surprising was that Niantic finally recognized the issue and asked the player to contact support via the in-app option. This is something that had not happened in more than a month that has been presenting the error of Pokémon GO.

However, there is a small drawback with that answer.

Can support be contacted from the app?

The app can help you report bugs from Pokémon GO. However, there is a small problem in this case, and that is that as other players indignantly noted, you need to log in to access in-app support. So the alleged Niantic was of no use.

Fortunately, the company apologized to the player when he told him about the dilemma. He then proposed that she fill out an online form through the game’s website instead. He added that they have been receiving many similar reports. However, looking at his unusual response, it seems that they hadn’t assisted any other player until now.

Players on the Reddit thread laughed at the irony, though many of them aren’t happy at all. “Did they just tell you that ‘if you have a problem logging in, report it through the app’, when you need to log in to do it?” commented one user.

Another player claimed to have experienced this pokemon go bug for a full week because it had a security update on the phone. The same thing happened with Pikmin Bloom. The worst thing is that most of the support responses asked you to report it through the game, which is difficult when you can’t log in.

If you have this problem, it is best to update your mobile device or the app store. If that doesn’t work, you can contact the help center of Pokémon GO in this link.

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