Home Gaming Nintendo NY closes due to poor air quality

Nintendo NY closes due to poor air quality

Nintendo NY closes due to poor air quality

The truth is that this news has surprised the followers of Nintendo. It seems that Nintendo NY has been forced to close due to poor air quality.

The information has been confirmed by the official Twitter account. In it, it is specified that this official Nintendo store in New York will close its doors due to poor air quality in this city this afternoon. It is expected to reopen tomorrow.

This is what was shared:

You already know that Nintendo NYmore than a merchandise store, it is a dynamic space that organizes special activities for Nintendo enthusiasts, such as video game tournaments, presentations of new games, product launches and meetings with developers.

Located in New York, this popular destination not only attracts Nintendo fans for its variety of merchandise, but also for its playful and vibrant atmosphere, which pays homage to the history and iconic characters of Nintendo games. It has also hosted Nintendo Directs in the past!

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