Home Gaming Pokémon GO: AppLovin would like to buy Unity Software

Pokémon GO: AppLovin would like to buy Unity Software

Pokémon GO: AppLovin would like to buy Unity Software

The AppLovin company offered to pay more than 17,000 million dollars for Unity Software, which is responsible for creating games like Pokémon Go or Call Of Duty: Mobile.

Reuters explained that AppLovin wanted to acquire Unity when he found out they had struck a deal to buy another IronSource company for $4 million.

IronSource, like AppLovin, is a software group that is focused on developing technology related to monetization and distribution of applications. In factAppLovin’s offer was that Unity would have to terminate the agreement it had reached with IronSource.

What AppLovin has proposed is that it offers 58 USD per share of Unity. This represents a premium of 18% over last Monday’s closing price on the stock market by Unity, which reached almost 50 USD. So if Unity eventually agrees, they would own about 55% of the shares, which also means 49% of the voting rights.

John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity, would continue in this role; while Adam Foroughi current director of AppLovin would become the director of operations. In other words, the second person in command of the company.

The public opinion of some analysts is that the price that has been proposed would actually be well below the intrinsic value of the company. This is the main reason to think that this offer will be rejected. It’s true that not all Unity games have been as successful as Pokémon Go or Call Of Duty Mobile, but only these two have made millions in revenue over the course of a single year.



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