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Pokemon GO Players Annoyed With Dark Gible’s Rarity

Pokemon GO Players Annoyed With Dark Gible’s Rarity

The invasion of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO gave players a chance to encounter the popular Dark Gible, which could evolve into a Dark Garchomp, a very strong monster in the series.

Pokémon GO has had many events in recent weeks, with the new gift codes, the announcement of Mega Rayquaza, the investigation of Starry Sky and the invasion together with A Dark Rampage. This is without counting all the events planned for July 2023.

But as far as Dark Gible is concerned, the experience hasn’t been entirely delightful in Pokémon GO.

The latest Team GO Rocket Invasion

Players have been able to participate in the most recent invasion of Team GO Rocket in the fields of Pokémon GO. This one took place from June 21 to 25 and brought lots of changes, including the renewal of the teams of Sierra, Cliff, Arlo and Giovanni.

The latter ended a Team GO Rocket Special Investigation that featured a final battle against a powerful Dark Regirock.

But one of the biggest draws was the new variants, like shiny Pancham and the debuting dark Pokémon: Alolan Geodude, Glameow, Ledyba, Hitmontop, and Gible.

This has satisfied many players who were hoping to get a new dark Pokémon. These corrupted versions can deal more damage, despite having the move “Frustration”. Trainers often use them to make it easier to complete all sorts of Raids and special events.

Therefore, having a Dark Gible that could evolve into a Dark Garchomp, despite costing more Candies and Stardust, was something many trainers of Pokémon GO they looked forward to it.

However, they had the unfortunate experience of not being able to find Dark Gible. It seems that her appearance rate was rather low, and some fans have called her “stupidly weird”.

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<h2>Pokémon GO: Players have trouble finding Dark Gible</h2>
<p>A recent discussion on the Reddit of <strong>Pokémon GO</strong> has brought to light an issue with the most recent Team GO Rocket Invasion.</p>
<p>User Nevertheless posted a critique that sparked discussion about Dark Gible’s rarity during the event.  According to the player, he only found two Dragon-type recruits during the event.  And while he admits he hasn’t played as often as he once did, it’s clear these recruits have a lower spawn rate.</p>
<p>With 19 different types of recruits, it can’t be easy to balance them equally for all players.  However, the user claims that because the Dragon type is so desired by the community, the code for <strong>Pokémon GO</strong> makes them appear less frequently.</p>
<p>Another player agreed with him, stating that he walked more than 50,000 steps and reviewed “hundreds” of stops with recruits, without finding a single Dragon-type.  This would indicate a clear problem.</p>
<p>To introduce some statistics, another coach added that the website has some information regarding the Team GO Rocket roster.  According to his research, Dragon-type recruits should spawn every 133 recruit encounters.  So they definitely have a lower spawn rate, maybe 6 times lower than other recruits.</p>
<p>This didn’t seem fair to the many players who participated in the event but couldn’t find Dark Gible.  It felt, some say, like the virtually impossible task of hatching Larvesta in <strong>Pokémon GO</strong> with less than 1% probability.</p>
<p>Niantic usually reserves the most desired Pokémon for future events.  The problem is that there is no guarantee that the desired Pokémon will appear again, while only a few lucky players have been able to get hold of Dark Gible in <strong>Pokémon GO</strong>.</p>
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