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Pokémon: how EV training works depending on each Pokémon

Pokémon: how EV training works depending on each Pokémon

We have received a curious message related to one of Nintendo’s most outstanding franchises. We are actually talking about Pokémon.

As you well know, each Pokémon has certain effort values ​​or EVs which are divided into Health Points, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense and Special Attack. Next we tell you how their training works depending on the Pokémon in question. It should be noted that this aspect is not really necessary for the adventure of the titles, but it is useful for other aspects, such as competitive combat.

EVs a Pokemon

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Although the EV system has undergone various changes throughout the main titles, trainers can train them mainly by fighting specific Pokémon or using items and vitamins such as calcium, fuel, zinc, more HP or iron.

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the main competitive system of the franchise currently until the arrival of Scarlet and Purple, Pokémon can have a total of 510 Evs between their different statistics, with 252 being the maximum for each one. Evs training as such is based on increasing a Pokemon’s 2 highest stats i.e. to 252 each. For example, Rhyperior has a total of 140 and 130 base points for Attack and Defense respectively, these being its two highest characteristics, so the most appropriate thing would be to train them to the maximum ignoring their lowest characteristicslike his special defense of 55.

Similarly, it should be noted that some Pokémon can positively stand out in more than 2 characteristics, which leaves the possibility of not training it as often, which can be surprising when fighting against other trainersallowing the Pokémon to access the use of other moves or strategies.

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