Home Technology Practical Oukitel power devices – at home and out

Practical Oukitel power devices – at home and out

Practical Oukitel power devices – at home and out

Portable power stations like the Oukitel P2001 are becoming increasingly popular

The need for electricity is glaring for the modern man, who uses more and more devices in his daily life – both at home and outside, in nature. However, access to electricity is not guaranteed, so practical people are increasingly turning to portable power supplies.

We will present to you two portable power stations of the Chinese company Oukitel and two more current products – an Oukitel foldable solar panel and a joyami air fryer. All 4 devices are available now with discounts on the Hekka online store.

Portable power station Ultimate 2000 Wh

We start with the Oukitel P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station model. Imagine for a moment that you have a portable power plant that can be used anywhere. The P2001 with a capacity of 2000 Wh will cover your power requirements in a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient way. This portable power station is currently available for €1115.54 with discount coupon OKP2001.

The powerful Oukitel P2001 portable power station has a capacity of 2000 Wh

The station can power up to 16 devices simultaneously – audio devices, lights, barbecue, even work tools or critical medical equipment. You can use the station at home or outdoors – in the yard, camping in the mountains or on the beach.

The P2001 is charged directly from the mains without an adapter, from a solar panel (max 500W), generator, car charger and other options. A full charge from a standard wall outlet takes less than 2 hours. The station is equipped with a LiFePO4 battery from Eve Energy, which after 3500 cycles still reaches 70% of the original capacity.

Price: Oukitel P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station costs €1115.54 with discount coupon OKP2001

The Oukitel P2001 is also capable of powering professional work tools

Oukitel P501 505Wh Portable Power Station

Another interesting product of this kind is the Oukitel P501 Portable Power Station, which is available for €373.68 with discount coupon OKP501. This is a much more affordable portable power station with a capacity of 505 Wh.

The Oukitel P2001 portable station powers devices with a power of up to 500W

P501 is suitable for powering mobile phones, tablets, laptops, printers, cameras, lighting fixtures and other devices with a power of up to 500 W. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that retains 100% of its capacity after 1000 cycles.

The portable station can be recharged in three ways – with an adapter from a mains socket for 5.5 hours, from a 12V car charging port for around 7.5 hours and from a 150W solar panel for 5 hours. An available LCD display shows battery level and charging status.

Price: Oukitel P501 Portable Power Station costs €373.68 with discount coupon OKP501

The Oukitel P2001 is perfect for a picnic – easy to carry and comfortable to use

Oukitel PV200 foldable solar panel

The next product is different – ​​the Oukitel PV200 Foldable Solar Panel is a foldable solar panel that is available for €340.48 with discount coupon OKPV200. Made from high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells with an efficiency of up to 21.7%, this panel is also durable and splash-proof, thanks to an ETFE-laminated case that extends its life.

The Oukitel PV200 foldable panel efficiently converts solar energy into electricity

The PV200 has an IP65 waterproof design, which means it is protected from splashes of water, but it is not recommended to leave it in the rain. It is easy to carry with the included stand. Of course, its big advantage is that it is foldable – so you can take it anywhere and get the energy you need.

The foldable solar panel is compatible with the Oukitel P2001/P501/CN505/P301 portable stations and other similar devices on the market, making it ideal for off-grid camping and unexpected power outages.

Price: Oukitel PV200 Foldable Solar Panel costs €340.48 with discount coupon OKPV200

The Oukitel PV200 Solar Panel folds up for easy portability anywhere

Joyami Dual Air Fryer Oilless Cooker

The last product in the review is the joyami Dual Air Fryer Oilless Cooker – it’s not an energy device like the previous ones, but a pretty efficient air fryer type cooking appliance priced at €106.37 with the JMAFR discount coupon.

The joyami air fryer uses rapid heat circulation technology

The appliance has 2 independent baskets to allow simultaneous cooking of 2 dishes in 2 ways. The capacity of the fryer is enough to take food for the whole family and even more – for 8 people.

It is an appliance with 6-in-1 functionality – with 6 different, preset cooking programs, with the option to customize the temperature and time, for cooking a variety of foods such as chips, chicken wings, dried fruit, pastries, fish and vegetables.

joyami prepares two dishes at once in two different ways

The meal is prepared in minutes with 360-degree technology for rapid heat circulation, 1800 W heating power and less fat. Automatic shut-off ensures safety – once you remove one or both baskets, the fryer turns itself off.

Price: joyami Dual Air Fryer Oilless Cooker costs €106.37 with discount coupon JMAFR

It is important to note that all listed products are delivered free of charge from Hekka’s European warehouse, without VAT being charged on the listed price, the online store specifies.


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