Home Technology Samsung to launch 2nm chips in 2025

Samsung to launch 2nm chips in 2025

Samsung to launch 2nm chips in 2025

Samsung’s engineering teams are mastering increasingly thin chip manufacturing processes
(photo: Samsung Electronics)

Plans to master 2-nanometer chip technology by 2025, Samsung announced at a partner event. In addition, the tech giant intends to expand semiconductor contract manufacturing in South Korea and Texas, Bloomberg reported.

At a presentation in California, Samsung representatives announced the company’s readiness to use 2nm technology for the production of smartphone processors from 2025, as well as to look for other areas of application of this technological process.

Compared to existing 3nm technology, Samsung’s new lithography stage will deliver a 12% increase in transistor switching speed and a 25% improvement in energy efficiency.

In the second half of 2024, the company is due to put into operation a chip manufacturing facility in Taylor, Texas, which will focus on serving external customers.

At the same time, Samsung plans to expand contract chip manufacturing at its South Korean plant in Pyongyang. Together with the Texas facility, it will increase Samsung’s contracted capacity sevenfold by 2027, compared to 2021. Additional production lines will be commissioned in Yongin.

Samsung has long dreamed of shedding its over-reliance on the memory chip business by expanding contract semiconductor manufacturing. In the coming years, the company will make serious efforts for this, judging by the statements of its representatives.


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