Home Technology Snapchat is experiencing serious revenue problems

Snapchat is experiencing serious revenue problems

Snapchat is experiencing serious revenue problems

Shown as one of the cutest platforms in the social media world Snapchat’in There is currently no such thing as a regular decrease in the number of users. Although it is claimed in the news that this platform has lost blood in terms of users, the second quarter data announced by the company revealed that these claims do not fully reflect the truth.

Snapchat When we look at the data announced by the company, the number of active users of the company around 347 million we see that. According to the company’s second quarter data of 2021, the number of users was around 293 million. In other words, it is seen that there is an increase in the number of active users, let alone a decrease, which is above expectations.

Snapchat is experiencing serious revenue problems

However, the same cannot be said for income items. Targeting an estimated amount of revenue based on the number of users Snapchat management was somewhat demoralized by second-quarter earnings of around $1.11 billion. The worst part is that these incomes include glasses and drone sales There are also revenues from products such as

And right here Snapchat’in Let us remind you that, like many other platforms, it has activated the paid subscription system and that this new move may reap the benefits in the next quarter data. Let’s see the next quarter data Snapchat Will it be better or worse for him?


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