Home Gaming Splatfun 2023: League Matchday 3 – Ray Bacon vs Gladoop

Splatfun 2023: League Matchday 3 – Ray Bacon vs Gladoop

Splatfun 2023: League Matchday 3 – Ray Bacon vs Gladoop

Woomy, dear Splatoon 3 fans! This week will take place the third match day of this exciting Splatfun League 2023. On this occasion, we will focus on the analysis and the preview of the match that will be held by the teams of Ray Bacon y Gladoop! We will review the results of the previous week and evaluate how the current duel, scheduled for the Wednesday May 3 at 7:00 p.m.Spanish peninsular time.

This event will be broadcast through the official YouTube channel of Nintendo Spain. Let’s see some relevant data:

How the Ray Bacon team arrives

splatoon 3

The team of Ray Bacon is coming off a recent pretty close loss against The Miggler team. So, add five points in a qualifier in which, although he is not in danger yet, he will need to take out his best tricks to face some games that become quite important to ensure his stay in the next phase. Let’s take a look at the player’s equipment now the cards you have already consumed:

  • Content Creator: Ray Bacon
  • Captain: [Astro] ★
  • ikereshop
  • MSC AlexDC (orion w)
  • TR★nxJuan★

Consumed cards: The team has consumed in previous days the letters of player ban y 30 secondsthe latter being an especially powerful asset when it comes to guaranteeing a point.

How the Gladoop team arrives

Although the team Gladoop came from the doldrums the first day of the League after lose to The Miggler, this week he has shown his worth by giving Hika’s team a lot of war, which won by a single point. Now, he awaits you as a rival to ray bacon team, one of the leaders in the classification that, for now, surpasses him by a single point in the table. Of course, the emotion is served!

  • Content creator: Gladoop
  • Captain: §ı//Thirteen
  • MΩ ★Vintage
  • sxoven
  • Jr JoseBG

Consumed cards: The team has consumed in previous days the letters of Special Weapon Veto (Sliding Bombs) y 30 seconds, just as it happens to his rivals in the case of the last card. All in all, an unpredictable matchup is expected.

The keys of the confrontation

The team of Ray Bacon takes a single point advantage over the team of Gladoop. However, there are nuances here. Both teams have lost in a previous matchup against The Miggler’s team, though Ray has done it with a lower points margin. This makes him the favorite to win the matchup. Nevertheless, everything could happen.

If we analyze the cards consumed by both teams, we will see that one of the most powerful tricks that can be used (the 30 second card) has already been consumed by both. Thus, both will be in pretty similar conditions before what promises to be one of the best matches of the day.

Be that as it may, we remind you that you can follow the confrontation as part of the matches of the second day of the League on the official channel of Nintendo Spain, below:

If you want to be notified, Don’t forget to click the bell which appears in the video above. And you, who do you think will win the matchup? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments!


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