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Super Mario Bros Wonder: All Features Confirmed

Super Mario Bros Wonder: All Features Confirmed

Super Mario Bros Wonder this past Nintendo Direct was heralded as the much-rumored return of the 2D platformer series.

After the undisputed success of the film it seemed much more likely that the Super Mario games would have a more similar design. However, there was talk in the community about a new 2D Mario with a fresh item style, and Nintendo did not disappoint us with the new design and animations.

Now that we have more details on the hidden characters, we’ll go over everything we know about the confirmed features for Super Mario Bros. Wonder in June 2023.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Multiplayer and new characters

Among the many novelties of Super Mario Bros. Wonder We can highlight the introduction of a fairly fluid multiplayer mode. We don’t know if it will be playable online or limited to local play, but the truth is that there are different characters to choose from.

Perhaps the highlight of the introduction was Princess Daisy, the ruler of Sarasaland who has been denied a spot within the main Super Mario Bros. series for more than two decades. She now she finally leaves the spin-offs to appear as a main character, and it is possible that she has unique abilities.

We also saw that Yoshi would not only be rideable, but also playable. In one scene, four players are shown, each controlling a different colored Yoshi. Maybe it just means that each character (or at least the Yoshis) will have different color variations. However, some players are speculating that it could be a Yoshi-only mode.

Super Mario Bros Wonder

Wonder Flower and other Power-Ups

The Wonder Flower is a new item introduced in Super Mario Bros. Wonder that will give a twist to the whole adventure. It is a flower with eyes, blue petals and a green stem.

The most interesting thing is that when interacting with her an area effect is released that makes everything around you come alive, as if you were entering a new dimension where everything is possible. The Wonder Flower can animate inanimate objects like pipes, create stampedes of fantastical creatures, and even alter the body of Mario and other characters. If you manage to survive this bizarre effect, you can get a Wonder Seed, the use of which is not entirely clear.

It was also revealed at the end of the trailer that there will be a new Power-Up: the Elephant Fruit (unofficial name). It is a kind of giant berry that allows Mario to become Mario Elephant. In this form he can send enemies flying with his trunk, although it probably has other uses. Since there are multiple characters, we assume that Mario’s friends will also be able to turn into elephants, perhaps even at the same time.

We also saw two confirmed but unknown objects: Coins in the shape of a purple flower, which can be collected through the scenarios and some are worth x10. Other objects that return from previous deliveries in Super Mario Bros. Wonder they include the Coins, the Superstar, the Super Mushroom and the Fire Flower.

Super Mario Wonder

New scenarios in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom will have some new twists with Super Mario Bros Wonder beyond the effects of the Wonder Flower.

The trailer has revealed that there will be lots of new items and mechanics that will set the game apart from previous titles. For example, Mario will now be able to interact in different ways with the pipes, transporting objects and activating them for different effects.

There are also new types of objects that we know very little about, such as purple pipes, purple blocks, long blocks, pumpkin-shaped blocks, musical platforms, elephant-shaped fountains, or areas to interact with Mario’s (or Mario’s) hat. any other character that they can draw at the moment). We even saw that the propulsion blocks of Super Mario Maker 2 They have been turned into a kind of zip line propulsive block through which Mario can slide at maximum speed collecting coins.

The beautiful settings will also be full of life with different activities to do alone or with other players. Some areas have depth and allow players to transport through pipes from the foreground to the background and vice versa. Also, there are Pow blocks that can turn off the lights leaving the level in the dark. Enemies have too

And like previous games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder It will take us on a tour of the desert, the bottom of the sea, the clouds, and who knows how many other new settings. This is not counting the new enemies and exciting events that await us.

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