Home Gaming Super Mario Bros Wonder on offer at a minimum price in Carrefour

Super Mario Bros Wonder on offer at a minimum price in Carrefour

Super Mario Bros Wonder on offer at a minimum price in Carrefour

meet us at Super Mario Bros Wonder On offer is an opportunity that we cannot miss.

This year we have seen many interesting games and products on sale. We recently found 20 great games for less than €1, as well as an excellent offer on the new game from the creator of Danganropa. Not counting other offerings from Spike Chunsoft, Ace Attorney, Crash Bandicoot, and even Nintendo Switch OLED.

But probably the most anticipated offering is for the next mainline game in the Super Mario series.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder on sale at Carrefour

For those who are interested in reserving Super Mario Bros Wonder in offerCarrefour has brought us the best discount to date.

If you want to reserve your physical copy of Super Mario Bros Wonder, you can do it for €46.90 through this link. You will be saving approximately €12 from its suggested retail price of €60.

The reservation has no additional cost and if they retain your money, they will return it in a few days. The charge will be made at launch on October 20, 2023.

This is the lowest price we have found to date. Amazon will most likely match it in the next few weeks, but you’ll hardly find it for less. This is because Super Mario Bros Wonder It is one of the most anticipated titles on Nintendo Switch, the return of the main series with lots of new features.

The most important of these is the new Wonder Flower, which will affect level behavior in unpredictable ways. This includes deforming characters or making objects come to life. But there are also many other novelties that have raised the expectations of Mario fans in this installment.

So you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to reserve the physical version of Super Mario Bros. Wonder on sale. If you are going to buy it at launch anyway, it is better to do it at a discount.

Super Mario Bros Wonder

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