Home Gaming Tenacious D’s new video pays homage to video games

Tenacious D’s new video pays homage to video games

Tenacious D’s new video pays homage to video games

Jack Black and Kyle Grass duo Tenacious D have released a new video that pays a great homage to gaming.

The song, called Video Games, won a clip made in 3D animation that brings many references to old and new classics. Among the games cited or revered are Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Sonic, Zelda, Super Mario, Mega-Man, Street Fighter, and Fortnite.

O clipfast, brings the usual fun of the band, and is sure to please any nerd.

Tenacious D pays homage to gaming

Tenacious D is a comedic rock band formed by American musicians and comedians Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The group was founded in 1994 in Los Angeles, California and is known for its unique blend of music and comedy in its performances.

In addition to their music, Tenacious D is also known for their energetic and fun live shows. Jack Black and Kyle Gass give themselves completely to their performances, combining elements of rock, comedy and theater to create a unique and captivating show.

The band also made forays into film, with the release of the film “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny” (2006), a musical comedy that tells the fictional story of the band’s formation. The film features original Tenacious D music and is an extension of the group’s signature humor.

Over the years, Tenacious D has released several albums and continues to tour and perform at music festivals around the world. Their combination of slick music, hilarious lyrics and captivating stage presence has made them one of the most popular and influential comic rock bands today.

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