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The 15 strongest Pokémon of the fourth generation

The populars Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl They became a success after their debut in 2007, and it is not for less. This installment brought some innovations to the main series, as well as a handful of new Pokémon in a fascinating region to explore.

The story unfolds in Sinnoha territory inspired by Hokkaidou, which features some of the most iconic creatures in the series Pokémon, as well as some of the most challenging and memorable combat in the franchise. Many of the Pokémon of these games continue to be of paramount importance to the series, not only in regards to combat, but also for the main story.

For this reason, on this occasion we have given ourselves the task of reviewing the 15 strongest Pokémon of the fourth generationbased primarily on their stats and moves, but also taking into account their histories and popularity.


We start the top with one of the favorites of the trainers: Infernape. It is Pokémon Fighting and Fire type has 534 base stat points, and stands out mainly for its base Speed ​​of 108 and its base Attack of 104. It is among the Pokémon most popular of the fourth generation and their participation in the anime has been exceptional.


Also with 535 stat points, Faster stands out for focusing its points on its Attack and Defense, with 140 and 130 points respectively. In addition, his base health of 115 points makes Faster be a formidable opponent for almost any Pokémon of the fourth generation.


The evolution of Tangela is one of the most curious creatures of the fourth generation of Pokémon, but also one of the most complete in statistics. He has 100 HP, 100 Attack, 110 Special Attack, and 125 Defense. Only his Speed ​​and Special Defense points are low at 50 each. Another flaw is that he has a lot of weaknesses being just a Grass-type, but with 535 base stat, he certainly earned his spot on the list.


With a total of 530 stat points, this Pokémon stands out for having 130 attack points and 110 base health points. He can be an unstoppable tank with balanced moves, as he has shown in his stint on Pokémon Unite and other installments in the series.


Electivire was a brilliant addition to exploit the hidden potential within Electabuzz. The Pokémon electric has 540 base stat points, of which 123 are from his base Attack, which can reach a maximum of 379. He can have devastating attacks with the right moves.


Magmar was already popular in his debut for his calm but dangerous personality. However, his Magmortar evolution made him stand out more by raising his base stats to 540. His special attack in particular is 125 base points, and can max out at 383.


Togekiss stands out in the fourth generation for being one of the Pokémon used by Cynthia, the famous champion of the Sinnoh High Command. With a total of 545 base stats, it is one of the Pokémon with the best defense and special attack.

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His base stats may not be that high at 525 total, but Lucario without a doubt it is among the most Pokémon strongest of this generation. We can see this thanks to his participation in the anime, where he has had more prominence and significant battles than many legendary Pokémon. Also, in other games like Pokémon GO it delivers the strongest of all generations, particularly thanks to its Fighting-type moves and considerable defense.

Azelf, Uxie y Mesprit

Also known as the lake guardian trio, Azelf, Uxie y Mesprit they have a total of 580 base stats. They each have them spread out differently, with Azelf being the best attacker, Uxie being the best defender, and Mesprit being the most balanced.


When it comes to statistics, Garchomp cannot go unmentioned. He is a pseudo-legendary from the fourth generation, but he has the stats of a Legendary with up to 600 points spread over his stats. As if that were not enough, his prominence in the anime and in other games of Pokémon outside the main saga they put him on the same level as many other of the greatest.


This seems to be the most popular among the mythical Pokémon of Sinnohthough Shaymin y Manaphy they have stats that reach 600 points. Darkrai stands out among them for its special attack and speed stats. In addition, the Pokémon showed admirable power in the movie of Pokemon: The Rise Of Darkrai, showing us that appearances can be deceiving.

Heatran y Cresselia

These Legendary Pokémon split 600 stat points each. On Cresselia, these points are spread more towards her defense, while Heatran is more balanced between offense and defense. The truth is that both are practically titans in the Pokémon series. And speaking of titans…


If each Regi was remarkably difficult to defeat, its greatest exponent, RegulatesIt is definitely on another level. this huge Pokémon It has 670 total stat points, almost at the level of the main legendary Pokémon and with an important 160 attack points that make it stand out from the rest.

The legendary Pokémon: Dialga, Palkia and Giratina

There are no other Pokémon with more relevance than those that shaped time, space, and destruction. The gods Pokémon Dialga, Palkia y Giratina with a total of 680 stat points. Giratina in particular, he has two transformations that give him more health than his counterparts, making him a powerful opponent for any trainer.

Arceus, the creator

There is no doubt that he is one of the Pokémon strongest in the game. His base stats are abysmal, surpassing those of the other legendaries with 720 points; 120 points in each stat. No matter how you look at it, Arceus excels at Attack, Defense, Health, and Speed.

In fact, Arceus is he Pokémon with the highest base stats if we don’t count those that receive buffs like Mega-evolutions or other transformations. After all, he is the very one responsible for the creation of the Pokémon world.

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