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The best Disney characters to star in Nintendo video games

There are companies, like Disney and Nintendo, that are already inseparable from popular culture. Because of their importance, their background and their history, these names are often compared to refer to corporations with a lot of impact on society. For this reason, many have imagined What would a potential collaboration between the two look like?.

Thus, we wanted to address this general doubt with 7 proposals that, without a doubt, would revolutionize the market. On the one hand, we would have the Disney stories and characters; on the other, the ingenuity and good work of Nintendo, a company recognized for making the most of many of its licenses.

In this way, we are going to present you what could come out of a collaboration between the two. As you will see later, the result would be anthology games that, of course, would make fans of both companies fall in love. And, as it is a matter of imagining, we invite you to try to guess (or comment on your ideas) which Disney characters could star in video games made by Nintendo.

Disney and Nintendo: 7 crazy ideas to make a video game that would work perfectly

A Super Mario-style platform title starring Mickey

Mickey Mouse is, with the permission of a few characters, the most popular icon in the world. And, among those who can dispute his reign, is Mario, the plumber who has been the face of Nintendo for decades. Therefore, to dream of a collaboration, the logical thing is to think that Nintendo would make a platform title with Mickey. In fact, the mouse has already starred in several games like this.

In the early 1990s, Super Nintendo users had the opportunity to enjoy The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse. In this title developed by Capcom, which later had a remake for Game Boy Advance, we put ourselves in the skin of the character to live a unique adventure. To that, in addition, we must add sagas such as Epic Mickey or the contribution of the character in the series Kingdom Hearts. Without a doubt, Mickey has an enviable background that, if added to the quality of Nintendo, could only give us joy.

In fact, as a final note, both Nintendo and Disney have never hidden the influence of both characters on each other. On the one hand, Disney wants Mario and Mickey to join their paths and get to know each other; on the other, Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the plumber, revealed that he wants him to be as well known as the mouse.

A Metroid with Stitch… or the Star Wars characters?

the launch of Metroid Dread it was a confirmation of the good health of the license. And if we also add to that the title’s sales run, capable of becoming the best-selling game in the series, we have a second life for a license with several decades behind it. For this reason, in addition to the importance of this title in the history of the medium, we like to imagine a «Metroid» in the purest Nintendo style starring Stitch or the Star Wars characters.

Having an intergalactic setting, the first option that comes to mind is Stitch. This character is elusive, charismatic and -very important for a series like Metroid— knows how to use weapons and pistols. Therefore, he is the perfect candidate to star in this adventure. However, we cannot ignore Han Solo or Boba Fett, bounty hunter from Star Wars well known throughout the galaxy. Without a doubt, here, there are options to please everyone.

A Mario Kart starring the characters from Cars

This seems like the most obvious and obvious option: a title similar to Mario Kartbut with the characters of Cars. Until now, Mario’s motor sports proposal is, by far, the best-selling Nintendo Switch game. Y Cars, in turn, is a franchise with profits and revenues accumulating billions of dollars year after year. Therefore, considering a symbiosis between companies, this option is the most logical.

to the gameplay of Mario Kartthe most refined in terms of fun of its genre, we must add the charisma of many characters of Cars. For this reason, Lightning McQueen, Mater and his friends are perfect to star in a title in which driving, skill and luck form a perfect triangle. Without a doubt, few options are more obvious and logical than this one.

A Super Smash Bros. with characters from the Disney universe

It worked with video games and, barring catastrophe, it would work with the Disney universe. Also, if Nintendo were behind, the architect of the success of Super Smash Bros., we can almost take it for sure. Thus, if both corporations decide to collaborate, an option that players would love would be a fighting title starring the characters from the film. This, in view of the Disney licenses, would give us a dream cast.

On the one hand, there would be the classics like Mickey, Donald or Goofy. On the other hand, beloved characters such as Peter Pan, Hercules, Aladdin or Woody. And, in turn, we would also have figures from the licenses acquired over the years, such as the cases of Marvel (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor…), Star Wars (Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda…) and even Los Simpsons (Homer, Bart, Marge…). If it existed, few titles could offer what this one does.

A The Legend of Zelda with many candidates: Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Moana…

The Legend of Zelda is, in addition to Nintendo’s most important adventure saga, one of the most influential in the history of the medium. Such is its impact Ocarina of Time y Breath of the Wildhis two most recognized proposals, influenced both the video game and the perception of it. Therefore, if we talk about a hypothetical alliance with Disney, we would need franchises that can offer a similar adventure.

At first glance, the options are three: Atlantis, The treasure Planet y Moana (known in Europe as Moana). In addition, we can also talk about others such as Charm or some recent hits like Raya and the last dragon, stories that are characterized by being an adventure with fantastic overtones. Therefore, if Disney and Nintendo wanted to take the formula of The Legend of Zelda to a movie adaptation, these would be perfect choices.

An Animal Crossing with the characters of Finding Nemo or Monsters SA

Animal Crossing es the purest essence of life. In it, everyday problems are left aside and what is important becomes what surrounds us. Thus, aspects such as interacting with your neighbors, discovering your town or making it grow are the key to the game. Therefore, to adapt it, Nintendo would need a license from Disney that is capable of transmitting these values. And, of course, the perfect candidates are Finding Nemo y SA monsters

On the one hand, Finding Nemo would allow players discover the Ocean and the possibilities of this. This would mean that, for example, fishing would go into the background and more money would be placed on getting to know your neighbors and visiting different places. On the other, with SA monsters you could interact with other monsters and grow the world’s largest corporation of laughter. Without a doubt, two interesting bets that would fit perfectly.

A Fire Emblem starring the heroes of The Incredibles or Marvel

Since its rebirth on Nintendo 3DS, Fire Emblem It is one of the most recognized sagas of the Nintendo universe. For this reason, the quintessential strategic role franchise could not be left out of the list. And, if we had to choose a license that fit well with the philosophy of Fire Emblemthese could be The Incredibles y Marveluniverses in which combat and action is “the daily bread”.

respect to The Incredibles, different periods of the license could be adapted. Thus, we could see both the past of Bob and Helen and their future, already with a formed family and with a “calmer” heroic activity. In the case of Marvel, as we will soon see with Midgnight Suns, the possibilities when it comes to characters and stories are endless. For this reason, this possibility, in case of dreaming of an alliance between Disney and Nintendo, is one of the most ambitious.

And you, what game would you like to see if the alliance between these companies were to happen? Did you like our ideas? We read you in the comments.

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