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The best way to expand storage in Pokémon GO

The best way to expand storage in Pokémon GO

He storage in Pokémon GO it is one of the biggest improvements for a trainer, since it is a permanent change and a relief for most.

The game has been enjoying multiple recent events. From the new Eggs and gift codes, to a renewed GO Fighting League. This is not to mention the Pokémon GO Fest 2023 and the Mega Rayquaza announcement.

In addition, the launch of the store through the web has brought us some celebratory offers, but not all of them are really a discount.

The fake offer in the store Pokémon GO

Players have recently been able to make their purchases from the store through the web, including increasing the storage space of Pokémon GO.

This is important as more storage allows you to keep more items or collect more Pokémon, depending on what you need. Also, unlike other consumable items that can be purchased in the store, the extra slot is not temporary, so you can enjoy it forever.

To further encourage players to purchase through the web store, Niantic launched a special offer that includes a +250 storage expansion for $9.99 or its equivalent in your currency. The thing is, a user on Reddit has discovered that it’s not really a discount as it might seem.

The game sells a pack of 1,300 PokéCoins for the same price, and the storage space of Pokémon GO it can also be purchased with PokéCoins.

As the trainer warned, you can pay 200 PokéCoins for every +50 storage space. This means that if you use this method, you will be able to get the same +250 and still have an additional 300 PokéCoins left.

In summary, the money you will spend is the same: $9.99 or its equivalent in your currency. However, with the second method you will not only get more storage in Pokémon GO. You will also have 300 PokéCoins left over to spend on whatever you want.

Some players have described the offer of the web store as “misleading”. They say it encourages players to buy at a supposed discount and feel like they’re saving some money. However, for those who have taken the time to do the math, it’s clear that the real deal is in PokéCoins.

So now you know the best way to expand your storage in Pokémon GO.


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