Home Technology The EU is considering a total ban on Huawei from building 5G networks

The EU is considering a total ban on Huawei from building 5G networks

The EU is considering a total ban on Huawei from building 5G networks

EU authorities are about to completely forget Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks
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Brussels is increasingly concerned about the lack of action by some EU member states against “high-risk” companies that continue to be involved in building 5G networks. The European Commission is mainly referring to Huawei.

The leadership of the EU is discussing the issue of a mandatory ban on the participation of risky companies in infrastructure projects in the countries of the region, notes the Financial Times.

So far, only a third of EU countries have banned Huawei from critical 5G communications, despite recommendations made as far back as 2020 to exclude high-risk companies from participating in technology projects, European Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said at a meeting with Ministers of Communications.

“That’s too little. And this represents a threat to the collective security of the European Union,” Breton said.

The recommendations adopted in 2020 include a range of restrictive measures – from certification criteria to supplier diversification. The package does not contain an outright ban, but if EU member states, including Germany, continue to delay imposing tough restrictions, Brussels could force them to do so, sources told the Financial Times.

The corresponding norm will hardly be introduced before the expiry of the five-year mandate of the European Commission in its current composition in 2024 – the support of the European Parliament and the EU countries themselves will be needed.

Huawei, for its part, said that the company opposes the politicization of cybersecurity issues and the exclusion of players from infrastructure projects beyond the consideration of the technological side of the issue – this directly violates the norms of the EU itself and its member states.

Washington has previously accused Huawei of illegal activities, stealing technology from American companies and giving false evidence to the FBI. Authorities in the United States have urged their allies to block the Chinese giant’s access to critical communications infrastructure.

Meanwhile, German officials have expressed concern about the close ties between Deutsche Telekom and Huawei and are pushing for a review of the legislation to rule out the use of Chinese equipment in building 5G networks.

Brussels directly compared technological dependence on China to energy dependence on Russia. In a meeting with communications ministers, Breton warned them of the risks of too close contact with Chinese suppliers.

“My main message was to remind member countries [на ЕС] for the need to act urgently to avoid the emergence of serious vulnerabilities that will be difficult to eliminate”, warned the European Commissioner.


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