Home Technology The EU is preparing rules for access to car data

The EU is preparing rules for access to car data

The EU is preparing rules for access to car data

For automakers, in-car data looks like a new niche for additional revenue (photo: CC0 Public Domain)

The European Commission is working on rules to ensure fair access to valuable car data. The norm will cover companies from many different sectors. For now, however, he does not know when the rules will be ready.

The topic excites many manufacturers, as the business and its industry organizations are worried about unfair competition from technology companies from various fields, notes Reuters.

The huge potential of the so-called connected cars, which according to consultancy Fortune Business Insights could grow to 400 billion euros by 2030, has sparked a real battle between car manufacturers and industrial users for access to the data generated and recorded by digitized vehicles.

For automakers, in-car data appears to be a promising new niche for additional revenue. Therefore, they are turning their attention to software products and subscription services that are based on the accumulation of user data. Everything counts, from driving habits to fuel consumption and tire wear.

However, data ownership is not clearly defined in EU law. This is also the source of the current dispute between car manufacturers and anyone who wants access to them.

“The Commission is working on the preparation of a sector-specific proposal on in-vehicle data. It will aim to complement the proposal for a Data Act published in February 2022,” a spokesman for the EU executive was quoted as saying by Reuters. “At this stage, we cannot say with certainty the final impact assessment and subsequent adoption schedule.”

Industry organizations are demanding that the Commission hurry up with a legislative proposal, as a number of technology companies such as Alphabet have entered into partnership agreements with manufacturers such as General Motors or Mercedes Benz.


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