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The First Heartstopper Novel Is Out: Is – Digikar

The First Heartstopper Novel Is Out: Is – Digikar


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Without a doubt, heart stopper is one of the editorial phenomena of the year: a webcomic that became a comic and quickly became Best-seller literary whose fury has increased after the audiovisual adaptation by Netflix. After four volumes of the gay love story between two teenagers created by Alice Osmanand in anticipation of the fifth and final book which will close in 2023, the English author has published this year the first novel in the universe of heart stopperwhich until now only had comics.

This time, with an almost total absence of images, Oseman continues the story of the romance between Nick and Charlie, two young people who fell in love in the halls of school but who, after two years of relationship, will have to face their first separation. . The end of school is approaching and Nick, who is a year older than Charlie, is soon to take the next step and go to college, while his boyfriend is to stay for another year. Can they afford the complications of a long-distance relationship? Will their love stand the test of time? Is this the end for Nick and Charlie?

The book, titled Nick et Charlie and released in Latin America by VR YA, begins with the last day of school party for Nick and his classmates. with the theme of musical high school, Disney’s 2006 teen romance movie that hit the big time, seniors are in for a treat. There are kids dressed as cheerleaders and basketball players, a cardboard fort and a barbecue on the tennis courts. In the middle of the celebration, however, Charlie discovers mixed feelings seeing Nick so happy that he’s going off to college: “We just stand there for a while as our fingers touch, then Nick lifts his head. hand to fit my hair slightly. Suddenly, I feel like this is the last day we’ll share at the same school.

Although “Heartstopper” was already a bestseller, Netflix’s audiovisual adaptation ended up propelling it to worldwide fame.

The dissonance between Nick’s happiness to leave and Charlie’s sadness to stay is the engine of this novel where the tenderness of the comic strip of heart stopper it is replaced by the vertigo and uncertainty of a relationship that begins to crack, more because of the context than because of the couple’s internal problems. Although Charlie is unwilling to burden Nick with his problems, partly out of guilt for having done so in the past regarding his mental health and eating issues, an altercation at a party ends the game of the awkward silences. .

Everything ends up exploding when Charlie discovers that Tao and Elle, friends of his who started dating around the same time as him and Nick, decided to go their separate ways because of the issues they would face in the in a long-distance relationship. That’s when his world falls apart, and not even Nick, who comes to his rescue when he sees him crying on the dance floor, can calm him down.

“It will not be good at all, for me it will be disgusting. I’ll be stuck alone in this shitty little town and you’ll talk about college like it’s the best fucking thing in the world and you know what? It makes me feel ugly. It’s like you can’t wait to get rid of me, like you can’t wait to finally get out of here and get away from me…” a drunk Charlie says to Nick, who finds it all surprising and unexpected. But everything changes when he adds: “You can finish me if you want. »

At this suggestion, Nick gets carried away and, in the middle of the party, the two have their first real fight, one which, unlike the others, will last for several weeks during which they will not speak or see each other. “What just happened?” Yesterday everything was fine. This can’t be the end. There’s no way this is the end, Charlie thinks crestfallen.

“Nick and Charlie” is the first novel in the Heartstopper universe, consisting of four comic book volumes and a fifth and final volume to be published in 2023.

Nick et Charlie This is perhaps the most dramatic of all the parts that make up the universe of heart stopper. “What good is a life without Nick? Charlie wonders during their breakup. Nick, for his part, to his mother’s concern, told her, “I don’t think I’ll be fine again. They are, after all, two lovesick teenagers.

The silence between the two, which has lasted for a few weeks, can only be explained by their inability to communicate. When their family or friends ask them if they spoke again after the fight, they both answer: “I don’t know what to say. Days pass and everything stays the same, until Charlie finds Nick’s disposable camera at home and decides to develop the photos. Touched by one in particular that Nick took while sleeping, and thanks to his sister’s insistence, Charlie decides to make one last attempt to win her boyfriend back.

In an envelope, she leaves the photos for Nick at home with a note giving him the coordinates of an upcoming appointment. That day, Charlie is nervous as he wonders if Nick will stick to the date or continue his unbreakable silence. “I’m looking for my boyfriend. Ex fiance? No. Former no. Not yet. I won’t give up yet,” he thinks. How could it be otherwise, among the crowd, Nick appears.

The long-awaited reconciliation is quick. They both understand that neither wanted this outcome and that solving it was all about talking, being honest with your feelings, and instead of pretending to care about the another to the detriment of one’s own well-being, to learn to seek – and ask for – the necessary support. “We have entered a new era, one in which we are better, safer, stronger together,” writes Charlie who, looking out the window of the car Nick is driving, has only one thought in mind. “I wonder what it would be like to have a whole life like this.

[“Heartstopper” puede comprarse como libro electrónico en Bajalibros.com clickeando acá]


As headmaster of Truham Grammar School I did so many things: I got drunk on wine at a parents’ meeting, I took pictures with the mayor three times and once I even made a seventh grade boy cry. But absolutely none of this was as bad as having to stop the 13th grader from having fun on the last day of school, which is exactly what our responsible teacher, Mr. Shannon, just asked me to do.

It’s probably a good idea to mention that my boyfriend of two years, Nick Nelson, is one of the students in this class.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Mr. Shannon leans over the table in the common room where I’m supposed to revise for my exams, even though I’m watching a Mac DeMarco concert on my phone. It’s gotten a little out of control and I think there’s a better chance they’ll listen to you than me, do you understand what I’m saying?

– Hey…

He glanced at my friend, Tao Xu, who was sitting next to me eating a packet of chocolate chips. He looks at me with raised eyebrows as if to say “man, how awful to be you”.

I really don’t want to say yes.

The last day of school for boys last year is themed High School Musical. They hung a giant sign that says ‘East High’ on the door, covering the Truham sign, and played the songs on the classroom computers for the whole school to hear.

They even did a flashmob choreography with What Time Is It on the soccer field during breakfast and came to school all dressed in red, in basketball or cheerleading uniforms. Much to his disappointment, Nick chose to dress as a basketball player.

And icing on the cake, although unrelated to High School Musical, they built a cardboard fort on the tennis courts and have a barbecue inside.

“I just want them to stop the barbecue thing,” Shannon says, clearly aware that I don’t really want to walk into a cardboard box and ask a hundred and fifty guys older than me to end their party. . You know, for a matter of safety and hygiene. If someone gets burned, I’ll be the one to take care of their angry parents.

He laughs under his breath. I gained Mr. Shannon’s complete trust during those months I was a delegate. Which is odd, given that I rarely do everything he asks of me.

Keep teachers and students on your side. Don’t make enemies or too many friends. That’s my advice for surviving high school.

“Yeah, no problem,” I finally said.

– You save my life! he exclaims, pointing at me as he walks past me towards the door. Don’t study so much!

Tao looks at me, still choking on chocolate.

“You’re not really going to face the seniors, are you? »

I laugh.

“Nah, I’ll just go see what they’re doing and tell them to watch out for Shannon.

My other friend, Aled Last, is watching me across the table. You’ve been organizing your math notes by color for at least an hour.

-While you’re going, can you bring me a burger? -Question.

“If there’s any left,” I reply, getting up from my chair and putting on my uniform blazer.

The final year students have already left the study class and if I’m still here it’s because it’s easier for me to revise at school than at home. The same goes for Tao and Aled. But none of us really want to be here. It’s the hottest day of the year and all I want is to be lying somewhere with an ice pack on my head.

With Nick, we have plans for this weekend. He’s finally going to leave school and I’m going to take a break for a few days. Today is Thursday and I’m going to sleep at your house. Tomorrow night we are going to Harry’s party for the seniors. Saturday we will go to the beach and Sunday to London. It’s not like we spend every weekend together anyway.

It’s not like we see each other absolutely every day. If someone had told me three years ago that at seventeen I would have been in a relationship for two years, I would have laughed in their face.


As I step through the opening between the boxes, under a sign that reads WILDCATS!, Harry Greene approaches me, arms outstretched. She wears a High School Musical cheerleader uniform for a twelve-year-old, so she shows a lot more thighs than is probably appropriate for a school.

The fort is huge, occupying two of the tennis courts. In addition to the absurd amount of boxes, they have stolen a dozen tables in the classrooms and have two fully equipped barbecues located between the two courts. Some people distribute burgers and buns. Vampire Weekend plays from a wireless speaker in the corner.

Almost all 13th years are here. It’s a huge class compared to the rest of the school; many of the Higgs girls of that year transferred to Truham after a major fire at their school; some buildings were destroyed. Long story.

Harry puts his hands on his hips and I…

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