Home Technology The great danger is growing faster than expected!

The great danger is growing faster than expected!

The great danger is growing faster than expected!

While cyber attacks increase their threat day by day, they have recently entered our lives. DeepFake A new threat, in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with another person’s image using artificial neural networks, also strengthens its existence. According to the new report published DeepFake a major threat to the future of cybersecurity.

increased by 13 percent

According to the annual Global Incident Response Threat Report published by VMware, attacks using face and voice manipulation technology have been reported in the past year. 13 percent rate increased. In addition, 66 percent of cybersecurity experts surveyed for this year’s report stated that they see DeepFake as a threat.

DeepFake entered our lives in 2019

Capable of convincingly recreating people’s faces and voices technology, He states that while it can be used especially for pornography, technology can also be used to create political turmoil. Even the President of Ukraine last March Volodymyr ZelenskyyA video was posted on social media channels, in which .

VMwareAccording to the research of DeepFake cyberattacks via email in the past year 78 percentWhile creating its .


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