Home Gaming The latest official details of Pikmin 4 seem to confirm this rumor.

The latest official details of Pikmin 4 seem to confirm this rumor.

The latest official details of Pikmin 4 seem to confirm this rumor.

We receive interesting news related to Pikmin 4. It seems that the latest official details could confirm a previous rumor.

Pikmin 4

As for the official details, it has been confirmed that the game will include “caves full of puzzles” where you must “carefully manage your resources until you can escape”. In addition, Nintendo has also shared that players will be able to “embark on night missions that will offer new and intense gameplay.” All this seems to be related to the creatures that become possessed when the sun goes down.

Well, in April the following was shared rumor on Redditwhich includes this same information confirmed now in May:

“The four captains will be named after dog breeds. Like the last mainline Pikmin game, these captains will have their own naming scheme. However, instead of keywords like Alpha, Charlie, Brittany, and Delta. These new captains will be named after dog breeds and the main character (with pink hair) will be named Pom after the Pomeranian dog breed. The names aren’t too exciting, I know… However! I know something about the gameplay of night mode.

OH! Also, I was asked if the leaking orange one-eyed Pikmin is real, and it’s not… There’s another type of Pikmin new to this game, but it’s not orange.

In order to explain what the night mode is like, I’ll first have to explain what the main game is like… The main game (day and caves) will be played by “Pom” (with pink hair). The other three captains will be playable but only at night. Its gameplay will be more in line with Pikmin 3’s challenge mode, where you control 3 captains at once. The goal of night mode is to collect as many “shooting stars” (Konpeito) as possible before time runs out (which is around 5 minutes).

It will be necessary to see if all this is confirmed officially.

What do you think? If you are interested, you can take a look at our full coverage of the title, which launches on July 21, 2023, at this link.



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