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The money philosophy of the richest and most powerful people – Our Hero – Person

The money philosophy of the richest and most powerful people – Our Hero – Person

Not everyone is born into billionaire families. However, many people have the potential to achieve wealth through their own efforts.

Some quotes and sayings of the richest people on the planet may seem unusual, unusual for wealthy people, and even surprising. Nevertheless, by applying their principles, they have earned a solid fortune and become a role model and inspiration for others.

Bloomberg Rubens Michael, net worth $54.2 billion

“Follow what is good for you.”

The world-famous entrepreneur and 108th mayor of New York realized what was good for him and always followed it. A billionaire only invests in things that are actually useful. Interestingly, in ten years, he bought himself 1 pair of black shoes in a classic style, which successfully match most of his costumes.

Bill Gates, net worth $79 billion

“It’s good to reap the rewards of your successes, but it’s also important to remember your mistakes.”

One of the richest people in the world believes that on the way to success, promising people make mistakes and learn from them.

Ingvar Kamprad, his fortune is estimated at $ 53 billion

He once said: “Rich people do not need exclusive expensive cars, titles and other trappings of power. You need to rely on your willpower and perseverance.

The founder of the IKEA chain of stores clearly believes that many financial expenses are inappropriate. Even in those cases when the money overflows the wallet. The entrepreneur does not engage in wastefulness, for example, he flies only in economy class.

Buffett Warren, estimated net worth $66.1 billion

“Buy a home that fits your needs.”

The billionaire lives in Nebraska in a private house, which he bought back in the distant 50s for $31,000. Warren does not see the expediency of living in a luxurious house, he is comfortable in his home, which is located in the center of America.

Oprah Winfrey, net worth $2.9 billion

“A person becomes what he believes in. Your standard of living is what you previously believed in.”

Oprah also believes that it is important to realize and accept what brings joy and helps to constantly develop.

Richard Branson, net worth $5.1 billion

“Make every effort to achieve your goals.”

The billionaire entrepreneur began his journey to success with a list of aspirational goals. Some of them were difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, Branson stubbornly sought to implement them.

Carlos Slim Elu, net worth $78.5 billion

“Save early.”

The Mexican businessman believes that one should start regularly saving money at a young age. In his opinion, this is one of the important components on the way to financial condition.

Cadwell John, net worth $2.6 billion

“Don’t neglect public transport.”

The famous English businessman and philanthropist prefers to use public transport and walk a lot. He does not flaunt his hard-earned fortune.

Cheriton David, net worth $1.7 billion

“Know how to do things on your own.”

One of Google’s early investors doesn’t use the services of various hair stylists, but cuts his own hair. Money paid for a haircut can be used for more important purposes. People regularly give money to other people for services and activities they can do themselves.

Mark Zuckerberg, net worth $30 billion

“You have to be humble.”

The American programmer leads an economical lifestyle and believes that modesty makes a person beautiful. He can afford to buy the most expensive car, but prefers to drive a $30,000 Acura.

John Donald MacArthur, net worth $3.7 billion

“Plan a budget and stick to the plan.”

The billionaire prefers to plan a budget and make modest purchases. He never led a glamorous lifestyle and did not hire press agents.

Rose Kennedy, exact condition unknown

“You need to find an alternative to your expenses and be creative.”

The mother of John F. Kennedy and 8 other children had an amazing ability to save money. She believed that many expenses can be found a good alternative.

Thomas Pickens, net worth $1 billion

“You need to make a shopping list in advance and not take more money than you need.”

An oil tycoon doesn’t carry more money in his wallet than he needs. He usually buys goods from a pre-compiled list, which saves on unnecessary potential purchases.

Walton Jim, net worth $34.7 billion

“It is not necessary to be the owner of all the best and new.”

The son of the founder of the WalMart supermarket chain has always been modest. This way of life was instilled in him by his father. For example, he drives a pickup truck that is about 15 years old.

Donald Trump, net worth $3.9 billion

“If the work brings results, many people will say that it’s just luck. Perhaps this is so, because it is lucky to have a head on your shoulders in order to work successfully.

Trump has earned his own big fortune through hard work. Some people think he was just lucky. However, the President of the United States believes that success is the result of hard work and diligence.

Kuok Robert, net worth $11.5 billion

“Use every opportunity you have.”

The Malaysian billionaire follows his mom’s rules – he’s not greedy, doesn’t take advantage of other people, and has high morals. To achieve prosperity, he advises to use the opportunities to the maximum, be brave and overcome the difficulties that are encountered on the path of life.

Li Ka-shing, net worth $31 billion

“You have to live modestly.”

The richest man in Asia believes that at the start of success, you need to accustom yourself to live modestly and not brag about achievements.

Jack Ma, net worth $10 billion

“The customer is the most important.”

According to the billionaire, consumers / customers should be a priority. In second place are employees, and in third place are shareholders. Jack Ma also believes that how a person lives his life is important.

Howard Schultz, net worth $2.2 billion

“I did not aspire to become a rich man. I have always sought to find myself and define my life values.

The businessman believes that life values ​​are more important than wealth.

Monetary well-being and success comes to those who constantly strive for this and, in spite of everything, strive. In appearance, the life of many wealthy people seems like a fairy tale, however, not everyone knows what path they had to go through to become rich and influential.

Do you have a financial philosophy? Tell us about it in the comments.


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