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The new function of Pokémon GO to complete Collection Challenges

The new function of Pokémon GO to complete Collection Challenges

Every new feature in Pokémon GO demonstrates our commitment to Niantic for continuing to improve the quality and experience of this fun virtual reality game.

Despite reported bugs like Infinite Raids or Purified Gems issue, Niantic has been trying to compensate players and motivate them to participate in more events like the ones in July. He even implemented an unintentional buff, which players can still take advantage of in some way.

But Niantic also introduced an improvement that has not been widely reported, despite being an excellent addition for Pokémon GO.

New feature for collection challenges Pokémon GO

It’s hard to keep up with every new feature of Pokémon GO when some of them are subtle and not officially presented. However, a good part of the players have begun to notice an element that is making investigations easier for them.

This is specifically about the Collection Challenges, which require players to capture or trade a series of Pokémon of a particular type based on the selected Temporary Research.

Now it will be much easier to find the Pokémon you need thanks to the new function of Pokémon GO. We are talking about a small ribbon-shaped mark on the Pokémon you have left to capture to complete the Collection Challenge. This is displayed on the Nearby Pokémon screen and will help you better manage your time.

It is quite a refreshing addition to facilitate pokemon hunting. Players can tell with a quick glance if there are any monsters they need for tasks, without much hassle.

Notably, Niantic recently doubled the spotting radius for wild Pokémon (from 40 meters to 80 meters), a significant improvement that players raved about. However, a few days later the company spoke out to announce that it was a mistake and that it would revert the changes. Some players still have double vision, and can keep it as long as they don’t upgrade Pokémon GO.

After the disappointment of the vision increase that was later reverted, it’s good to know that Niantic is still working on improving the game. Each new function Pokémon GO that makes it easier for us to do daily activities will be welcome and might even motivate players to engage in more fun activities.

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