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These two Pokémon dominated a regional tournament

These two Pokémon dominated a regional tournament

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple has had a pretty active competitive scene so far this year, thanks to regulation changes and a wide variety of Pokémon.

But although we have seen various weather teams and other curious alternatives, the meta has been greatly affected by the Paradox Pokémon and the inclusion of the Dire Legends. Still, Ferropalmas has managed to displace Palafin significantly, and he showed us why again in a recent epic matchup.

Surprise in these regional Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

A recent official championship of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple known as the Milwaukee Regionals had the participation of some high level coaches.

Official competitions are usually full of teams that follow the “goal”, that is, the strategies and combinations of Pokémon that usually work the most. However, every strategy in Pokémon has one or more strategies that counter it.

This was what the now champion Brian Youm showed us in his exciting time at the regionals. The fights were intense and other trainers like Paul Chua, Alex Underhill and James Evans gave us a show of power. However, Youm managed to dominate the finals with two Pokémon in particular.

But it is not about the popular Amoonguss and Maneleteo to which we are already accustomed. In its place was another Paradox Pokémon, Ironpalms, accompanied by a ferocious Gyarados.

It’s a combination that other trainers also had like Paul Chua and Justing Tang (both champions of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple). But it seems that Youm made the best decisions every turn.

You can watch the epic combat below:

Gyarados and Ferropalmas are increasingly prevalent

The surprising thing about Brian Youm’s performance is that he strayed slightly from the goal of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Since Regulation B was introduced, we have seen that elite players were increasingly turning to Melenaleteo, even after Regulation C. Ferropalmas, although always powerful, ceased to be part of the main strategy of the majority. of pros

However, in these regionals we saw 8 Ferropalmas among the coaches, something we are not used to in tournaments Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. And although Melenaleteo was the most used of the entire tournament with 66.4%, Ferropalmas had a greater impact in the finals. But the inclusion of Ferropalmas is not as curious as the sudden rise of Gyarados.

Gyarados has managed to replace other popular Pokémon like Arcanine and Amoonguss, both of which have been of paramount importance to Palafin’s strategy. Gyarados and Arcanine appeared 20% of the time in the tournament, but only Gyarados was present in the top 8 teams.

The trick is that Gyarados can use Intimidate to lower opponents’ stats, which is effective against Chien-Pao, Dragonite, Ironpalms, and many others. On top of that, Gyarados offers an alternative to Spore of Amoonguss thanks to Thunder Wave, which can stun foes for three turns and also deal damage.

The best thing is that Gyarados has the Water type, so it has become an excellent replacement for Palafin, who no longer dominates the competitive scene.


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