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TikTok rivals Google!

TikTok rivals Google!

Social media platforms, which have a large area in our lives, continue to add new features to their own structure and offer them to their users. Finally, in our country, there have been campaigns for its closure, which is the subject of frequent debates. Tiktok‘s new feature in the testing phase is on the agenda. The content of the feature brings to mind the question of whether it is a competitor to Google.

New feature to be added in the comment area It aims to facilitate access by the user by adding links to some keywords. Users will be able to reach the search page directly by using this feature and clicking on the keyword.

TikTok rivals Google!

A very important announcement was made by Google recently. In this statement, it was said that other social media platforms were threatening Google, and this was a confession. In the statement made by the senior executives of the company, the young segment % 40’s some of them do not use Google when searching for places to eat, Instagram ve TiktokIt was stated that they preferred

Apart from that, the statement also stated that users do not like the usual experiences. Looking at the statement, it is possible to say that young people do not prefer Google for this reason.

Tknock‘s new feature will come into play at this point. In this new feature, which confirms Google’s statements, users can directly search for a subject or anything they are curious about, instead of searching Google. Tiktok’ta will find. While this new move of Tiktok is already making a big impact, the popularity it will see from its users when the feature is added is already intriguing. Do you think Google, where we can find the answer to everything we have been wondering for years, within seconds, will lag behind Tiktok? You can share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comment section.


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