Home Technology TOGG was seen on the test drive! (Video)

TOGG was seen on the test drive! (Video)

TOGG was seen on the test drive!  (Video)

Turkey’s domestic and national car TOGG will be on the road this year. As for the highly anticipated vehicle, a new detail continues to come every day. This time, Turkey’s domestic and national vehicle was seen in the test drive.

TOGG was seen on the test drive! (Video)

Work continues at full speed for TOGG, Turkey’s highly anticipated domestic and national car. In the past days, it was announced that Siro Energy, which will produce TOGG’s battery, has produced the first prototype. The vehicle, which came to the fore with the images shared from the production facility, has now been viewed during the driving test. While the wait for the domestic car continues, the latest developments from the tests continue to be shared. Previously, it was seen that TOGG was doing a speed test on the highway at night. Now a new video has come to the fore. While it draws attention that the car is going faster than 200 km / h, the new visuals offer a clear view of the vehicle.

According to the news of Anadolu Agency, TOGG was taken for a test drive at night. It was observed that the car, which was reflected in the cameras on the Northern Marmara Highway, was traveling at around 100 km/h and was camouflaged. What do you think about this video?


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