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Top 12 Evil Anime Villains You Should Know About

One of The main differences between Japanese and Western cartoons is found in their villains.

Particularly in anime, the villains they have free rein to be as bad as they can becommitting all kinds of atrocities to innocent and even among themselves. Thefts, deceptions and murders are part of what the cruel anime antagonists.

In this opportunity we will explore 12 of the most evil anime villains, focusing primarily on his evil and not necessarily his strength. Please note that the content below may contain spoilers about any of these series.

Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

God was the son of a criminalwho after the death of his father was adopted by the joestar family. It was the perfect opportunity to change his destiny and be something better than his predecessors. However, everything begins to decay since Jonathan Joestar discover that Dio murdered his biological father.and also planned to murder his adoptive father to keep his fortune.

God becomes a murderer full of hate inside and ends up being ungrateful to his adoptive family, whom he pays with nothing less than suffering. He is smart, powerful and so evil that he doesn’t mind raping women, killing children and other atrocities. As if that were not enough, Dio has under his orders an endless number of almost equally heartless villains.

Majin Buu de Dragon Ball

maybe in the series Dragon Ballmany innocents will recover their lives thanks to the wishes granted by Shenron. However, that does not detract from the cruelty of the countless murders carried out by the evil villain Majin Buu.

This little pink character kill and destroy just for pleasure. It’s clear from his expression that he feeds on the screams of his victims, but he also literally feeds on his victims, first turning them into chocolate.

Gilgamesh from the Fate series

Gilgamesh, the ancient king of Uruk, is the first recorded hero. However, despite his valiant journeys in search of immortality, he was also a dictator and a murderer.

in the series Fate, Gilgamesh also participates in the Holy Grail War and he embodies everything the former dictator king stood for: he’s angry, selfish, and utterly powerful. He can bring death and destruction to anyone in an instant, which makes defeating him is a matter of life and death for the fate of the world.

Bondrewd de Made in Abyss

Despite of friendly and colorful design by Made in Abyss With almost chibi characters, the story hides some of the darkest characters that exist and a plot full of intrigue and murder.

In that environment, Bondrewd represents everything bad that there is between the explorers. He believes himself above others and doesn’t mind having human lives to advance his research on the secrets of the abyss.

Light Yagami de Death Note

Light inside he was not an evil person. However, history shows us how anyone has the potential to do evil in the right circumstances. Either way, Light he quickly became one of the most terrifying villains in anime with a calculating mind and the power to take the life out of anyone.

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Griffith de Berserk

At first glance it may seem likena calm and polite personbut that only makes it more terrifying when Griffith shows his cruel and ambitious side. Her backstory and the way she has survived into her adulthood have shaped a cold and truly evil character that will make your blood boil at times.

Kaido de One Piece

of course that if we talk about evil villainswe can not stop talking about some pirate. The ruthless tyrant Kaido he is a monster who dedicated most of his life to conquering, murdering and enslaving other people; usually in order to produce weapons with which to continue conquering and doing evil. being so strong, Kaido only seeks chaos and conflict for the art of fighting, regardless of the consequences.

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dragon ball frieza

One of the best known alien dictators in anime. Freeza he was cruel and powerful, a bad combination for any universe. he didn’t care murder innocents or their own companions. Sometimes he even destroyed entire planets just for fun, other times to eliminate his competition. Not even death takes away evil from his perverted heart.

Shou Tucker de Fullmetal Alchemist

This may not be a main villain like others, but he is very well fleshed out. Shou Tucker shows us what happens when you allow unbridled ambition and curiosity take over you. Her way of thinking is horrifying and her involvement in the plot always leaves a shocking mark on the viewers.

Shogo Makishima de Psycho-Pass

This series takes place in a fictional world in which technology has advanced so much that it can determine who will commit a crime before it happens. You might think that makes everything more secure, but what happens when the system crashes?

The answer is Shogo Makishima, a criminal empty inside and without remorse for his cruel acts. What makes this villain so fearsome is that he cannot be detected by the system, so has the free way to kill and cause as much chaos as possible.

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Zetsu Negro de Naruto

This is one of the villains that usually goes unnoticed for not being as powerful as others, nor having a taste for protagonism. Yet that’s what he made of black zetsu one of the evilest anime creatures.

black zetsu dedicated himself to creating disasters and injustices for centuries throughout the ninja world, planning with precision the misunderstandings that would cause wars and deaths everywhere. All this without a human conscienceunlike its owner and other villains in the series who may have had good intentions.

It is true that he did not wipe out entire planets nor did he plan to conquer the world. Even so, there is no doubt that Black Zetsu is the very incarnation of evil and the cause of the suffering of millions of people since the beginning of time in Naruto.

The Bat Guy from Paranoia Agent

An aggressive boy who uses his bat to hurt other people, even putting them in a coma. His identity hides a dark twist and closely related to the other characters in the plot. It is true that he is a villain with fewer victims than others, but the way the series highlights his atrocities makes Bat Guy stand out from others.

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