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Top 5 of the most sought-after IT specialists in our country

Artificial intelligence does not change the profile of the sought-after IT personnel so far
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Artificial intelligence is dominanta themea through 2023 yearbut tthe search for personnel in the IT field in our country continues to be dominated by specialists who are not closely specialized in AI and machine learningsuggests a study of Career Showbased on the open positions of leading employers in the sector.

The analysis brings out the top 5 most sought-after IT specialists as of May 2023. It turns out that specialists with AI expertise are not among them – only 15% of employers who will participate in Career Show Tech 2023 are looking for such personnel. Here are the most sought after specialists:

5. QA specialists

Open positions for software testing specialists were announced by 28.95% of participating companies. To ensure customer satisfaction, it is essential that the software product runs smoothly. The increased consumption of software products also determines the need for QA engineers. Their main tasks are to test software products, find bugs in them and signal potential problems.

Software testing is among the preferred areas for starting an IT career, as it does not require in-depth programming skills. It should be taken into account, however, that for successful implementation in the field, basic knowledge of some programming languages, for example, Java, C#, Python, etc. is required.

4. DevOps engineers

DevOps engineers are sought by 28% of employers. The profession of a DevOps engineer combines skills from different areas of IT into one. The main task of the DevOps engineer is to optimize the processes of creating the software product or service. A DevOps engineer is the link between different IT departments and requires equally well-developed technical and soft skills.

Although DevOps engineers rarely program from scratch, their profession requires familiarity with the most popular scripting languages ​​and a deeper understanding of at least one programming language such as C++ or Java.

3. Front-end Development specialists

Front-end Development specialists are in the top three of the most sought-after IT personnel – they are sought after by 31% of companies. These professionals are responsible for creating the user interface of web pages or applications. Thanks to this, users can access and work with the given website or application.

The most popular languages ​​used in this direction are JavaScript, HTML, CSS. For a Front-end Development specialist to be successful, it is necessary to have knowledge of more than one programming language.

2. Back-end Development specialists

Back-end Development specialists are sought after by 39% of employers. If Front-end Development specialists are responsible for what you see on a given website or application, then Back-end Development programmers take care of the flawless operation of the site or application “behind the scenes”. This includes data storage and processing, API development, server configuration, traffic management, and more.

Experienced Back-end Development specialists have in-depth knowledge of programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, as well as system administration and server optimization.

1. Full-Stack Development specialists

It is no surprise that Full-Stack Development specialists are the most sought after by employers – 42% of employers have announced vacancies in this field. They are the multitalents of the software development world. Full-stack developers develop both the front-end and back-end part of a website or application. Mastering this direction requires dedication and the investment of significant resources and time.

A successful Full-Stack programmer must be able to work both with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and with back-end programming languages ​​such as Python, PHP and Ruby.

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