Home Technology Westinghouse signed a key contract with Kozloduy NPP for an AP1000 reactor

Westinghouse signed a key contract with Kozloduy NPP for an AP1000 reactor

Westinghouse signed a key contract with Kozloduy NPP for an AP1000 reactor

“The state-of-the-art Generation III+ NPP technology will provide clean energy to the Bulgarian population,” said David Durham (right), President of Power Systems at Westinghouse
(photo: Westinghouse)

The American company Westinghouse Electric signed a key contract with the Kozloduy NPP for the potential construction of a reactor with AP1000 technology. According to the supplier, it is “the most advanced and field-proven technology that meets the needs for competitive, clean and reliable energy”.

The contract signed between Pennsylvania-based Westinghouse Electric and Kozloduy NPP-New Power Plant is for preliminary engineering (FEED) activities for the construction of a new reactor with AP1000 technology at the Kozloduy NPP site.

The implementation of the contract starts already this month. Included are activities to assess the possibilities for integrating the Bulgarian industry in the project for the construction of a new nuclear power plant with AR1000 technology and for the maximum use of the existing infrastructure at the Kozloduy NPP site.

“We are happy to start the implementation of the preliminary engineering activities related to the realization of a project to build the most advanced technology in the world for a nuclear power plant of generation III+, which will provide clean and reliable base energy to our customers and the Bulgarian population,” said David Durham, president of Power Systems at Westinghouse.

Earlier this year, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding to create a joint working group for planning the construction of reactors with AP1000 technology in Bulgaria. The working group is in the process of assessing the regulatory, licensing and design requirements and is developing an accelerated schedule for actions in support of Bulgaria’s energy strategy.

The FEED contract is the first step in the project to build a new nuclear power plant with AP1000 technology. At the moment, two reactors with Russian BBEP-1000 technology are operating at the site in Kozloduy.

In December 2022, Westinghouse signed a 10-year contract for the supply of fresh nuclear fuel for one of the units at the Kozloduy NPP, with deliveries starting in 2024. The nuclear fuel will be produced at the Westinghouse plant in Västerös, Sweden, and is the only nuclear fuel project for units with VVER-1000 technology that is completely independent of Russian supplies and technology.

The AP1000 Generation III+ nuclear reactor technology is also the only one in the world with fully passive safety systems, a modular construction design, and the lowest carbon footprint per MWe.

In addition to the two reactors already built with AP10000 technology at the Vogtle site in Georgia, USA, four more reactors with this technology have been built in China, and six new reactors are currently being built in the Asian country.

Poland also recently selected AP1000 technology for its nuclear power program, and another nine reactors are planned to be built for Ukraine. The technology is a subject of interest in Central and Eastern European countries, as well as in the United Kingdom and the United States.


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