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When can a game be considered an eSport?

When can a game be considered an eSport?

The online games market has grown exponentially in recent decades, readers of the 80’s probably remember how games in the past were quite simple, with basic, pixelated graphics and no sound.

For the joy of the new generation, today things are very different! Now games are extremely more technological, detailed and allow players to compete online with people from all over the world.

With all this evolution in video games, a new phenomenon has emerged, the eSport. But after all, what exactly defines an eSport game? Well, keep reading because in this article we will cover the main characteristics that define the games of this modality!

First, by definition, to be considered an eSport, a game needs to have organized and structured competition. This means that there is always an organization behind the game, usually a league or association, which manages the competitions and sets the rules for the players. Competitions must be held in a professional environment and have established rules and standards to ensure the fairness and integrity of the competition.

Second, when we looked at what all popular eSports games have in common (such as Dota 2, PUBG, Fortnite and Counter-Strike), we realized that they all require a high level of skill and strategy from the player. As a result, the most talented players who dedicate hours of their day playing and practicing are those who stand out the most. Therefore, games that require skills and strategy come under the definition of eSport.

eSports games have a loyal audience, the tournaments are watched by thousands of spectators from all over the world, who vibrate and cheer for their favorite teams! Many of these fans like to watch the tournaments while betting on this type of betting game. Knowing this, several sites offer the possibility to watch the disputes live, directly from the bookmaker’s platform.

In summary, for a game to be considered an eSport, it needs to have an organization behind the game, and competitions must be held in a professional environment and with clear rules. Also, the game should be accessible enough that anyone can play it, while also being challenging enough that the most skilled and determined players can master it. In other words, games that are considered eSports usually have many elements for the player to learn and master.

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