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When the ‘Don’t look up’ interview became reality in the heatwave in Europe – Digikar

When the ‘Don’t look up’ interview became reality in the heatwave in Europe – Digikar


😍 2022-07-23 21:09:03 – Paris/France.

One of the things that often happens with The simpsons (since 1989), the veteran animated series featuring Springfield’s most famous family, is that some of its social parodies eventually become reality. For example, in the chapter “Bart to the Future” (11×17), created in March 2000, our beloved Lisa Simpson occupies the presidency of the United States after the abominable Donald Trump. And now something like arrived with do not look (2021).

In one of the most memorable scenes of the film directed by Adam McKay for Netflix, a big success with the public and with multiple nominations for the awards of the film with the greatest media attention, Dr. Randall Mindy and PhD student Kate Dibiaskyplayed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, are interviewed on a tv show with Tyler Perry’s Jack Bremmer and Cate Blanchett’s Brie Evantee.

When they try to warn that a huge comet will crash into Earth if no action is taken to prevent it, both hosts react with unbearable frivolity, as if it didn’t matter, and the guest gets carried away. And some facts that can remind us of those frustrating circumstances of do not look have recently been seen by viewers of British GB News channel with meteorologist John Hammond.

Scientists against media frivolity

It was Ben Phillips who linked the incredible spread to that of Adam McKay’s film and his tweet, which became a viral stratospheric phenomenon. He deserved no less. “At the beginning of next week, twenty degrees can be reached, but it could well be forty,” warned the scientist. “I think there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of additional deaths next week. And he added: “ The graphics I can see in front of me are terrifying”.

“We all love good weather, but it won’t be good weather, it will be life-threatening for a few days. It will be brief, but it will be brutal. ” And at that moment, presenter Bev Turner interrupted him like those of do not look to say a few impressive words: “So, John, I want us to be happy with the weather. Yes I don’t know if anything happened to the meteorologistswhat makes them a bit fatalistic and they have omens of calamities.

“Every show, especially on the BBC, every time I tune in, someone talks about the weather and they say there will be tons of deaths,” he continued. ” But haven’t we always had hot weather, John?”. What he was able to answer: “No, and we see more and more cases, more and more frequently and more and more severely, that heat waves become more extreme. And here’s another one coming down the road towards us.

Meteorologist John Hammond, GB News’ Kate Dibiasky


Own Adam McKay shared the video comparison on Twitter with this message: “There clips like this from quite a few European countries, but none from the United States. Because? Because the United States, for the most part, doesn’t have substantive discussions with climate activists or scientists on news channels and TV news. The ball of this unfortunate reaction rolled over here and got so big that Bloomberg wanted to interview John Hammond himself.

After admitting that he has yet to see do not look on Netflix, he explains: “As a meteorologist for many years, the preparation for this event, the heat wave in the UK, has been quite amazing, so much so that I have never seen maps so disturbing than the ones I saw towards the end. . of last week. There was a growing consensus among computational models that the UK was about to experience unprecedented heat”.

« People just weren’t ready. for this because it lives in its own experiential evidence,” he explains. “Therefore, I believe it was my duty as a meteorologist to highlight the expected impacts of this extraordinary heat, not only on vulnerable people, but also on perfectly fit people who are not used to experiencing the heat. forty degree heat in the UK. United Kingdom, and its impact on infrastructure, health, transport, etc.

Are we already at the point of “don’t look up”?


« I wasn’t surprised by Bev Turner’s reaction“, recognizes John Hammond, who responded with the calm that Kate Dibiasky does not have in do not look. “I don’t single her out individually. This does not surprise me because I generally think when people hear it’s going to be hot and sunnythe default thought, not just among media presenters, but in general among a large part of the public is, “Oh, that’s a good thing. »

“In Britain, in particular, where it is often very gray and the weather cold, [los días] warm and sunny is a novelty and it makes people smile and say, “it’s going to be nice and sunny, because that doesn’t happen very often”, and to conclude: “So I wasn’t surprised by their reaction when I told the story was: “we’re going to have a heat wave”; the media generally treats it as a good thing. Too friendly for our taste, the climatologist.

Not like Kate Dibiasky, who blurts out the presenters in the Netflix movie: “Sorry, aren’t we clear? We try to tell them that the whole planet is about to be destroyed. Screenwriter Dan Greaneywho had signed the episode of The simpsons with President Donald Trump, said in 2014 The Hollywood Reporter“It was a warning to the United States. and it seemed the last logical step before hitting rock bottom”. Are we already at this point?

SOURCE : Digikar

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