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Where do young people get their news from?

Where do young people get their news from?

The definition of “Z” generation, which has become a frequently used term both in our country and around the world, is used to describe young people under a certain age. news of generation Z source A British research company, who was curious about where they use it as a web browser, asked young people (ages 12-15) in England, “from which news source do you follow the developments”. The results of this survey, in which more than one option can be selected, contain very interesting results.

According to the results shared by the company, 29% of the young people surveyed answered this question. Instagram gave the answer. Surprisingly, the number of TikTok answers to this question is 28%. YouTube The rate of those who said it was the same as TikTok. 25% of young people say they get their news from state news channels, while 24% say they get the news from BBC One and BBC Two ticked the options.

Where do young people get their news from?

Users over a certain age show more interest Twitter, indeed, it has once again revealed its status in this survey. Accordingly, according to the survey conducted among young people aged 12-15, their progress Twitter’and the rate of followers remained at only 13%.

On the other hand, the company, which carried out a similar study on adults, states that this time 71% of the participants chose television news as the most reliable news source. However, this in the survey He says that the influence of both televisions and newspapers decreases from year to year, which is also an extremely important data.


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