Home Lifestyle Why is it best to eat fish once a week? – Digikar

Why is it best to eat fish once a week? – Digikar

Why is it best to eat fish once a week?  – Digikar


The benefits of fish for the human body have been proven for a long time. It effectively improves health. However, from the use of a large number of fish dishes, the healing effect is not enhanced. This conclusion was made by American researchers in the process of studying the daily menu of volunteers. In addition to the diet, their health was monitored.

The test subjects were men (40,000 people). As a result of the experiment, it turned out that for the maximum benefit from fish dishes, it is enough to eat fatter fish that was caught in cool waters once a week. The most useful types of fish for eating are: the salmon family, anchovies, herring. But, unfortunately, due to the high cost, they are not always available to consumers.

It should be noted that the result of the experiment also showed that the well-being and health of those who consumed oily fish daily and those who ate it once a week were at the same level.

Scientists recommend men to improve health, maintain the cardiovascular system and the whole body in a normal state once a week include sea fish in the diet. It is rich in omega-3s. It is this fatty acid that effectively strengthens blood vessels.



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