Home Technology Xiaomi smart autonomous driving system is coming! [Video]

Xiaomi smart autonomous driving system is coming! [Video]

Xiaomi smart autonomous driving system is coming! [Video]

It has been exactly 500 days since Xiaomi announced that it had entered the smart EV vehicle market. During this period, the company accelerated its factory and R&D activities and showed that it would be a serious competitor in the market. Today, Xiaomi Group, Xiaomi Pilot Technology Introduced a new smart driving system called Here are all the details of the ambitious project.

Xiaomi has formed a large R&D team of more than 500 leading experts and the first R&D study of autonomous driving technology. To invest RMB 3.3 billion plans. Xiaomi has also released a video showing the performance of this very ambitious driving system under difficult and complex conditions.

Xiaomi will be very ambitious in the electric vehicle market

Founder, President and CEO of Xiaomi Group Lei Jun, “Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology takes a self-developed approach and the project has progressed beyond expectations.” says. You can watch the video of Xiaomi’s very ambitious self-driving car in action below.

Lei Jun, who continues to improve on Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology more than 500 He said that they have employees and they aim to spend 3.3 billion RMB in the first R&D phase. R&Dcurrent continues to expand and by the end of the year It is expected to have more than 600 members.

The most well-known among the core members of the team AI (Artificial intelligence) related to There are experienced names who have worked on some of the projects. All the technical details needed to build Xiaomi’s self-developed autonomous driving technology, including sensors, chips, algorithms, simulation, toolchain, data platform and more, will be developed under the knowledge of professionals.

Xiaomi’s autonomous driving unit has managed to attract many top industrial engineers since its official launch last year. The 500-member department currently consists of 50 industry professors who form the backbone of the team. The team as a whole has a strong educational background, with more than 70% of members holding a master’s or doctoral degree.

Xiaomi introduced autonomous driving technology!  Tesla is very upset!

Xiaomi is a fully autonomous driving initiative to improve its autonomous driving system. Shendong Technology‘do had bought. The autonomous driving team at Xiaomi focused on parking and developed a creative automatic parking solution that addresses situations such as “reserved parking spaces”, “automatic valet parking” and “automatic robotic charging”. to this systemIn the future, other parking services, artificial intelligence and other service-oriented services will be added to comply with applicable national laws and regulations.

Lei Jun is also in the early stages of development of Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology. out of 140 test vehicles He stated that they are planning to establish a large fleet consisting of These tools by 2024 leading the smart EV market with the goal they will go through major tests across the country.

Do you think future EVs will be made cheaper by Xiaomi and will be a big competitor to Tesla?


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