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Your own style – how to express yourself through clothes?

Your own style – how to express yourself through clothes?

Everyone has their own style. Some are driven more by fashion and others by their taste and personal preference for cuts and colors. In any case, you can express yourself through your overall style. When you choose the combinations of cuts, colors and elements, you have the idea to show something that is characteristic of you. We’ll provide you with a few ideas on how to do this through the most effective combinations to make your shopping choices easier.

Want to express your creativity and creative spirit?

If you want your style to express creativity, there are quite a few options for clothing combinations. One such is to bet on an interesting cut for one or several parts of your outfit. For example, your jeans may have an interesting seam or ripped elements. And it is also an option to combine them with a shirt with non-standard buttons or a t-shirt with a print. A second option for conveying your creative spirit through clothes is to have some or all of your outfit in brighter or just atypical colors. One option is to go for a t-shirt in, for example, deep green with patterned sneakers that also include that color. And you can even combine them with pants in the same color or in a lighter green or blue. You can look at quite interesting ideas from lacosta fashion.

Want to show seriousness and confidence?

If you want to show confidence and seriousness at the same time through your dressing style, it is good to start with more classic colors. Also, don’t worry because this is achievable for any style of dressing. For a very formal one, it is an option to be in a black or dark blue suit and a white shirt. For a sporty-elegant look, why not choose beige pants with brown shoes and a blouse? If you’re a fan of the sporty look, you’ll find plenty of options. For example, a set of tracksuit and sweatshirt in black and white, combined with sneakers in one of the two colors, or a gray top and black bottom with white sneakers. An option is to also bet on three colors in one range for suitable combinations here, such as black and two shades of gray. Each of your clothes can also have all the colors as long as they are close. Specifically for sports style, you can look at interesting options here: https://answear.bg/m/adidas/toy/drehi/komplekti-i-antsuzi

Is it important to you that the combination of modesty and a positive attitude is visible?

In case you want to show modesty and a positive attitude towards people through your style, there are many options. Again, this applies to any style. If you dress formally, avoid too many ornaments on the clothes. In the case of sporty-elegant options, do not overdo it with patterns. You can go for a more unusual item from your entire outfit as a color. If you prefer sports outfits, choose something simple, but also in a warm color. For example, a deep dark green set of a tracksuit and a sweatshirt or beige pants and a blouse in dark red. In general, don’t go overboard with prints. You may have some small brand logo on your outfit. There are quite interesting options for this case here: https://answear.bg/m/new-balance

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